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Our Products

Friends always ask us, "What kind of cookies do you bake?" And we always answer, "Whatever you want!" Here’s a list of our freshly baked favorite treats, but if you don't see something that you want, we can definitely whip up something special for you. Everything we make is freshly baked to perfection and ready for you to enjoy... and of course, to fall in love!

Amigos siempre nos preguntan: "¿Qué tipo de galletas horneas?" Y siempre respondemos: "¡Lo que quieras!" Esta es una lista de nuestras delicias favoritas recién horneadas, pero si no ve algo que desea, definitivamente podemos preparar algo especial para usted. Todo lo que hacemos está recién horneado a la perfección y listo para que lo disfrutes ... y por supuesto, ¡para que te enamores!

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Personalized Cookies

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Edible Image Cookie


PYO Cookie

Cookies for any special occasion. Crispy and smooth, delicate and tasty. Comes in different shapes and flavors. 

Price based on the amount of detail requested and the cookie size.

Send us your logo, photo, or any kind of image, and we will print it to our Sugar Love Cookies!

$36 per dozen

The perfect activity for kids and it’s also super tasty! Includes a printed instruction sheet on how to use PYO palettes, a paint brush and the Edible Paint Palette. We could create any kind of design!

$5 each


Lovely Sandwich Linzer Cookies

Tea Love Lavender Cookie

Tea Love Lavender Cookies

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Lovely Chocolate Explosion

Our best seller almond double cookies made with love, spices and filled with

12 cookies

$15 filled with strawberry preserves.

$17 filled with Nutella

A lightly sweet cookie with dried lavender and a delightful aroma. A perfect cookie to pair with tea or to surprise your tea friends!

12 cookies


Enjoy an explosion of chocolate in every bite with this unique recipe with chocolate chips and Nutella.

12 cookies



The Loved Cookie Brownies

Big Cookie Cake

Big Cookie Cake

Brownies baked like cookies! This recipe is a real temptation! Enjoy a slightly crunchy, chewy recipe with a perfect combination of different types of chocolates!

12 cookies


Our Nutella and Chocolate Chip Personalized Cookie Cake is the perfect cookie to celebrate any special occasion. This big cookie holds a very special place in the hearts of our customers. 

1 cookie (12 inches)



About Us

Our baking adventure became reality and we sealed under the name We Love Cookies. | Nuestra aventura de hornear se hizo realidad y la sellamos bajo el nombre We Love Cookies.

What started as an adventure turned into a passion. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we began to experiment in creating unique recipes at home. We explore the process of knowing textures and flavors, ingredients and spices. Every day we faced the challenge of looking for a unique and perfect recipe until the day came when we were totally in love with a delicious and tasty result handcrafted, baked and served with a side of love. 

Lo que empezó como una aventura se convirtió en pasión. Desde inicios de la pandemia, comenzamos a experimentar creando recetas únicas en casa. Exploramos el proceso de conocer texturas y sabores, ingredientes y especias. Todos los días nos enfrentábamos al reto de buscar una receta única y perfecta hasta que llegó el día en que nos enamoramos totalmente de un resultado delicioso y sabroso, elaborado artesanalmente, horneado y servido con un toque de amor.


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Remember, if you don't see something that you want, we can definitely whip up something special for you!


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