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Let’s Celebrate with Cookies!

My name is Neyssa García-Toucet and I'm the owner of We Love Cookies. Today is my Birthday, but also, it has been almost a year since we officially launched our cookie business. I have always said that it all starts as an adventure, and that's exactly how it was for us. The community support has been amazing, and we know it will continue.

In one year, We Love Cookies started in a farmers’ market for the entire summer season. Our cookies are now permanently available for purchase in a store (find us at the Liberty Farm Market), and we expanded our clients through an online market (Market Wagon).

Orders for our traditional cookies have not stopped. The Lovely Sandwich Linzer Cookies have been a success in sales. It is a double cookie with almonds and preserves that attracts everyone's attention for its unique style and sweetness.

The Tea Love Lavender Cookies are not far behind. People always ask us, “A cookie with lavender?” We tell them, “You have to try it.” As soon as they taste it, they fall in love with its flavor and especially with the aftertaste it so pleasantly leaves behind.

Each cookie has its unique touch, as with our Lovely Chocolate Explosion. We knew that, in general, we all enjoy cookies with chocolate chips. The explosion of flavor arrived when we added hazelnut spread (Nutella) that highlights the characteristics of chocolate in a cookie.

We have a similar story with The Loved Cookie Brownie. Usually, you can see brownies in square or rectangular shapes. But our brownies are cookie-shaped and stand out for the perfect combination of three different types of chocolate with a touch of espresso.

Let's talk about the beginning. The first recipe we created was the Lovely Sugar Cookie. We explored different textures, flavors, and ingredients until we got to our unique recipe that we decorate with royal icing. Sugar cookies have no limits, and they can be baked in different shapes and decorated with different color combinations.

In almost a year, thanks to your support and God's blessing, we have been able to be part of many celebrations. Our cookies have been on birthday tables, special celebrations, corporate events, and many more.

What is our goal for next year? To continue creating new recipes and offering the best cookies, with the quality and freshness that has characterized us since day one. We love baking, and we know that you love cookies, especially We Love Cookies!

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